Thursday, September 2, 2010

moving 101

We are beginning our little move tomorrow and I rounded up some tips to keep me organized.  I will post some pictures of our new apartment when we are all moved in!  In the mean time here is my organization inspiration so I don't get overwhelmed.  Fortunately for us this is not a big move and no little kiddies yet. So, it should go smoothly.  But you never know what adventure lies around the corner!

  • Make a moving checklist outlining everything that needs to get done before/after the move.

  • When packing get rid of unnecessary clutter!  My favorite/my husband's least favorite.

  • Change our address at the post office and other important places (bank, bills, etc.)

  • Wrap it, mark it, label it!  Staying organized will make moving super easy and no breaks or cracks creates less on me!

  • Use the one room rule!  Pick one room and set it up as quickly as possible.  This leaves at least one room that can be peaceful and clutter free until the rest come along.

  • Function before Form- Place furniture exactly where you want before getting to the fun part- accessories!

Happy Moving!

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  1. Katie!
    My facebook home page introduced me to your cute little blog! I like this post b/c it reminds me of when we moved a half-way across the country last summer and how I wish I would've had your advice. :) One thing to learn from us: Double check every cabinet, nook, and cranny before you drive away! We left a whole kitchen cabinet full of our new crock pot, cake pans, and cookie sheets! :( We were so tired and packing the kitchen is the worst!! Good luck moving sis!!!